ATKearny, Gartner, IBM rank Sri Lanka as a primary destination for talent.

Sri Lanka is being continuously ranked as a prime destination for global out sourcing on professional talent including, Software Engineering, Financial & Accounting outsourcing due to high calibre expertise.


Graduates from Australian, UK, US & Canadian Universities.

There is a substantial amount of Sri Lankan graduates studied in western universities where they have groomed with ideal education to fit in to global multinational environment.

Locl universites also maintain the same high standards with western educational institute.


Western Professional Qualifications such as CIMA, ACCA, CFA, CIM, BCS.

Western professional institutes such as CIMA (UK) has high presence in Sri Lanka creating ideal candidates for global MNC which saves energy on transforming professionals with other background. 


Great experience with global MNC (Multi National Companies ).

Largest listed company in Sri Lanka is local unit of BAT (British American Tobacco). Apart from that Nestle, Unilever, Fonterra, DHL, Maersk & many more has groomed the local talent for global employment. 


Big 4 Experience

Big 4 consulting firms PWC, KPMG, EY & Deloitte was present in Sri Lanka for many decades churning out lots of top grade professionals & contributing to a top level corporate culture. 


Adaptability to the environment

Sri Lankan professionals groomed with open mind & great exposure to Western education is more adaptable to multi cultural environments.

Every country in the world has Sri Lankans working with them harmoniously.


University of Moratuwa of sri lanka maintains the highest number of entries to google summer of code since 2005 inception, is a proof of high quality software engineering skill pool

HSBC maintains a back office in Sri Lanka with Finance & Accounting professionals including Financial Analysts, Research & Risk Specialists with expert level skills.

Why Sri Lankans?

Sri Lanka is a leading source of talent for global multinationals around the world. They are successfully employed in US, UK, Australia, Canada, Middle East, Singapore & all the countries around the world.

With commitment for education lots of professionals graduated from universities in US, UK, Australia & Canada plus professional memberships such as CIMA, ACCA, CPA, CA, CFA from Western associations.

Uniliver, Nestle, BAT, LSE & many other multinational presence in Sri Lanka allowing them to gain great experience.

Massive IT outsourcing industry complementing with neighbourhood India has become a high quality destination for talent..

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CIMA UK, prominent professional institute for Management Accountants has the largest overseas member base in Sri Lanka. Current CIMA President being a Sri Lankan born Canadian proves the representation.

No limit for talent supply

software engineers

Software developers, big data analyst, security & cloud specialist & many more

Accounting & Finance

CIMA, ACCA, CA(SL) & Finance graduates from Australia, US, UK & Canada with BIG4 experience.


Sri lankan banking professionals have being playing a significant role in banking industry in middle east


Sri lankan quantity surveyors has contributed to build the middle eastern skylines which include 1,000 of them in UAE.


Big 4, global mnc such as Unilever, Nestle, P&G, BAT, HSBC, SCB, City, DHL, Maersk; source of top grade managers.


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